FiatDAO - The lever for fixed income assets

published on 04 March 2022

Article by @0xKvmi

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FiatDAO ($FDT) is a protocol which enables borrowing against fixed yield and using leverage to make yield more efficient and/or access liquidity. For some time now, a multitude of projects allowing fixed returns have been emerging.. (Barnbridge, Element, Notional, Pendle..).These projects allow you to lock tokens for a fixed period of time to earn a fixed return.

Contributors of Barnbridge protocol then had the idea to launch FiatDAO to allow users to take advantage of a leveraging system. The project is incubated by Barnbridge.

Let’s say I lock my tokens in one of the fixed yield protocols mentioned before. I can now use my proof of locked position as collateral and borrow liquidity while I'm still generating yield. These assets are called Zero-Coupon-Bonds (ZCB). FiatDAO allows to, in exchange for these ZCB, mint an ERC20 token called $FIAT which is intended to be stable. Beware, this is not a stable coin which is designed to be as close as possible to $1.


With Zeus as advisor, the project is closely related to Olympus, and guess what? The v2 bonds have just been released and are by definition usable in FiatDAO as collateral. A partnership proposal has just been accepted on the Olympus forum too.

The token is already available on Olympus pro. Contracts and dApp are being audited. 

Oh, I almost forgot : sub $20M mcap.

If you want to dig more on the mechanics behind this, shares, and other big brain concepts you can read more on Fiat DAO's medium

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